Read through some of the testimonies from Luke Fullbrook’s personal training clients.

I have trained and been friends with Luke for over 7 years and throughout that time he has proved himself to be extremely knowledgeable about strength, conditioning and nutrition. During my recent fat loss and body recomposition Luke designed my programs for me. These were extremely well thought out and individualized for me and worked around any niggles, injuries I was carrying and ultimately helped me achieve my goal for that training block.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Luke to anyone who asked, as his knowledge on all things training and nutrition is second to none. I also like to think that I opened his eyes to a few of my very own training techniques which he embraced and worked with. Don’t bother looking anywhere else, you’ve found what, ultimately, you need.

Eddie "The BEAST" Hall

A word from Luke...

Myself and Ed have been friends and training together for over 7 years. After Ed’s win at World’s Strongest Man 2017, Eddie retired from the strength arena and he wanted to change his physique in order to pursue an acting career. He approached me, as his knowledge of training for body recomposition and fat loss was limited. He had seen what I had achieved with my previous clients and wanted in on the action. With Ed’s hard work ethic and my bespoke tailored plan we achieved the results you can see in the picture. 

What can I say, I practice what I preach.  After my latest injury, and 2 surgeries that followed, I needed to focus on what I could do rather than what I couldn’t.  I couldn’t lift heavy weights or compete, so I focused on my nutrition and dropping weight, getting fitter, faster and healthier. 

This was done with a logical approach to my nutritional regime.  Now I’m getting back to former levels of strength I feel and look amazing.  Really looking forward to competing in strongman as a more healthier, well rounded athlete.

Luke Fullbrook

A word from Luke...

Well what can I say about Jay.  Jay is an exuberent and larger than life character with an extremely sad story, which left him scarred.  He had had enough of looking like he did and wanted to take charge and change his appearance.  He wanted to feel good on the inside and the outside too, which was hard for him as the extra weight around his mid section accentuated his scar and this made him very unhappy.  Jay’s transformation only took 6 weeks, as part of the Beasted show, and as you can see the results speak for themselves.  All I will say is look at that smile in the AFTER picture.  Jay got fitter, healthier, stronger, dropped body fat and got his smile back.  Amazing hard work and dedication.  Have a look at Jay’s episode: https://lukefullbrook.com/2019/11/12/beasted-s1e2/

I have recently had the opportunity of being guided and taught by Luke in a short but demanding health project. He is nothing short of an inspiration and with his backing I felt I could achieve anything.

He is physically incredibly strong and gifted but for me his biggest strength is his mind and heart which he combines to produce amazing positivity against the odds and teaches in a way that pushes you to your limits.

My project with Luke has finished but I am now pushing on myself with my own project with new found determination and belief.

Cheers bro, it has been a privilege.


A word from Luke...

What can I say about Sam, a genuine scholar and gentleman.  Sam is a big unit naturally and came to us on the Beasted show as he wanted to start looking after himself and not follow the path that his dads health took.  So many people sacrifice their health for wealth these days but Sam had had enough and wanted to change.  Again the transformation only took 6 weeks.  Every kilo of weight Sam lost was fat.  His lean muscle mass went up and he got stronger with it.  Have a look at Sam’s episode to see for yourself: https://lukefullbrook.com/2019/11/05/beasted-s1e1/

Luke is definitely one of the best, I have trained with him for just over a year now. His knowledge of both nutrition and training is second to none and has helped me enormously with my confidence with both strength and lean mass increasing while at the same time dropping fat.

Luke creates personal plans to take into consideration any injuries or weakness I have and adapts the training to work with it. I suffer from a bad back and instead of ignoring it and listening to doctors who told me not to train so as not to aggravate the condition, Luke has adapted my program to strengthen and it has improved dramatically.

I am still training with Luke and would definitely recommend him, I am a lot closer to my goal and couldn’t have done it without him.


A word from Luke...

I was recommended to James through a member of staff at Strength Asylum where I PT from, as it is well known that I am able to get the results clients are wanting to achieve. James wanted to lose body fat whilst increasing lean muscle mass, without exacerbating his existing spinal problem (doctors had advised James to stay away from weight bearing exercise)!! Since working with me, James has alleviated his back issues, and is able to lift weight! The picture shows a transformation over 12 weeks, where James had a nutritional plan, training programme and 3 personal training sessions a week. The pictures speak for themselves in terms of results. 


After seeing one of my friends achieve big things following Luke’s program I decided to message him and ask for his help, I’ve now been training with Luke for almost a year and he is the most experienced, committed and knowledgeable trainer that I have ever met.

I started initially with him creating me a personal nutrition program as I was already a member of a gym and needed help and advice with food to loose weight, after I started to see results with weight loss I asked Luke to create me an exercise program to follow and also added a weekly pt session.

Luke spent time with me to find out what I wanted to achieve what goals I wanted to set and what results I wanted to see and created my sessions around this, during the last 8 months with Luke’s guidance, support and constant input Iv managed to loose over 3 stone, drop 4 dress sizes, drop body fat and build muscle mass and massively increase my strength, Having pt sessions with luke has also helped improve my own knowledge of how to lift weights and use a gym confidently and safely when training on my own.

He is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging but fun and never lets me give up even when Im struggling with motivation he manages to encourage me to push through and remember why I want to improve my health and my fitness.

To be honest without Luke’s help I would of never achieve what I have done so far and I look forward to seeing where we can go and what else we can achieve moving forward!! Thanks Luke you really are the best!

Kerry x 


A word from Luke...

Jill came to me as she wanted to lose weight for her holiday, and was recommended by a friend I had already worked with. She stuck to the plan and as a result got the holiday body she was looking for in just 12 weeks. Previous efforts to lose weight had included fad diets, lots of cardio, working with other personal trainers and instead I ensured there were plenty of refeeds, no starvation and we worked in sync with her hormonal cycle.