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We’re all nervous about entering into training.  It’s our bodies, our health and it can be hard to navigate. You probably have a lot of questions before making the call.  So contact me and we’ll try and help.

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Personal Training

By Luke Fullbrook

Luke’s goal is to help you reach your goal. Luke will make sure you are personally aware of your limits and potential around these three main pillars of good health – Maintaining a good body weight, developing good habits and technique for strength building and properly assessing your daily intake and diet. 

Weight Loss

You just need to pay attention to what’s fueling you — and your workouts. Experts recommend eating a well-balanced diet that features plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole-grains, lean meats and dairy. Nutrition drives weight loss and nutrition drives muscle gain.


Strength training is very demanding on the central nervous system (CNS) which can take up to 5 times longer to recover than the skeletal-muscular system. Allow for proper rest and recovery between sessions.


Good health starts with habits around the fuel you put into your body. I will warn you that you have to work damn hard and I expect nothing less than 100% commitment to the programs. I can’t do it for you, that’s all down to you!
On-line Training
This option enables you to get a program specifically designed for you at a fraction of the normal one to one prices. It doesn’t matter where you live or where you train, you’re still getting my expertise, knowledge and ultimately results.  
Nutritional Programs
These online programs can be all about the training, nutrition, supplementation protocols or a combination of all three. However, I will warn you that you have to work damn hard and I expect nothing less than 100% commitment to the programs. I can’t do it for you, that’s all up to you !
1-2-1 Personal Training

One to ones are the best way to achieve the results that you want. After an initial consultation I will be able to design and prescribe the best workout to reach your goal, be it fat loss, muscle gain, strength increase or a mixture of everything. We can have one session or a course of them, all based around you. I pay close attention to everything that you do when exercising – your form, progress and fitness levels. In the gym I’ll motivate, educate and push you to do things that you never believed were at all possible. I am obsessed with ensuring that the time we spend together in the gym results in maximal output with me working you as hard as you can.

Skype/Consultation call

We all find ourselves just needing an answer or some advice around fitness and nutrition.  Luke is available for scheduled Skype calls.



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Luke Fullbrook, Personal Trainer, Spartan Gym, Bahrain



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