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Got a question?  Ask away in the form below but here are few I often get asked. Click to reveal answers.

Should I start a training if I have a medical condition?

This is a vital question to ask upfront because there are certain medical conditions that we simply may not be trained and certified to handle. We always start with a discussion about your medical history, and can make sure we have the training and credentials to help you before getting any further into the consultation. You care and health is our main goal.

Am I going to 'bulk up' if I start weight training?

We get this question so many times,  – NO, you won’t “bulk” up. It takes many years of hard training, supplements, and diets to “bulk” up and get big. It will never come from a few squats and pull-downs as a week.

Do I have to diet when I start with weight training?

It’s so important that we do training for a particular reason, and that it makes us feel good. When it comes to diets, I would say it all comes down to your personal goal. But with that being said it has been proven that a high protein diet will help on muscle growth and tone.

How heavy should I be lifting?

When it comes to lifting there are many ways to do it, but in the beginning I would pay as much attention to the technique as possible before we start putting on more weight. When you feel like you have good control, you can put on a bit more weight. Remember, go slow in the beginning, but don’t be afraid to push yourself.  

Isn't weightlifting only for men?

We need to stop gendering training and start focusing on what’s important for our health. to see that more women than ever are weightlifting. And it’s not just about squatting to get an ‘insta-bum’, with weightlifting comes to a strength you’ve never felt before, and so a journey that may have begun for aesthetic reasons very quickly takes on an entirely new meaning were feeling strong and challenging your body is the ultimate goal.

Can weight training help me get a six pack?

So many of us think that the way to a six-pack is from sit-ups and not eating, this is very wrong, A six-pack is coming from lifting weights, especially the big lifts like squats and deadlifts and a healthy and balanced diet.

Do I need to take supplements?

Your supplement approach should always be goal-dependent. Most of your diet and nutrients should come from real food, but adding in things like protein powder is fine too. It’s important to find a quality product. If you’re using whey, look for grass-fed. If you choose to take supplements, please be careful when reading the labels and opt for the most natural form you can find.