As a lot of us around the world are gymless and stuck at home with limited to no equipment.  I thought I’d just give you some workouts to bridge that gap that is there.  Whilst this is only a blip in time and in 6/12 months we’ll all look back and see what a short period in our lives it was.  Alot of us rely on training as a form of therapy and to help out with anxiety, depression and just use it as a form of meditation and ‘me’ time and allow ourselves to be fully present in that moment.  Basically, it stops us from going insane.  Plus we don’t want all that time, hard work and effort going to waste and go into self sabotage mode by doing nothing, eating shit and coming back a lot worse than we needed to.  It’s tremendously important to focus on what we can do not on what we can’t do.  So lets set some goals for this period –

– Retain muscle size through high volume/frequency body weight movements
– Continue to keep mobile through greater movement variation and targeted prehab
– Provide stimulus for the body and mind
To make these workouts harder as you get used to them, or if they’re too easy to begin with you can do some or all of the following to the exercises:
– Control the eccentrics, or the lowering part of the exercise with tempo – make it 3 seconds, 5 or 8
– You can put pauses in at various points in the exercise too
– You can add resistance bands, ruck sacks, use children, bricks, rocks, buckets of water, tins of food.
It’s best to do one workout in the morning and one in the evening.  There are two days, you can repeat these days up to 3 times.  Thus providing 6 workouts a week.
This is a fucking tough time for us all and for some of us will get alot worse.  However, there is only one way to guarantee things get better in your life.  It is NOT by controlling what happens OUTSIDE of you.  It is by mastering what happens WITHIN YOU.
We’ve got this people.  The world may be filled with panic, fear and doom so be the calm, be the presence, be the reason, be the joy.  We need that and we need everyone to be that.
Thank you