Here’s a nice little hypertrophy workout for your back. No long convoluted write up for you today as I

haven’t got time, just straight to it. Enjoy, and please remember to share it with your friends.

A1) Low Cable Rows 3 sets 2121 15 reps 60 secs Rest

B1) Trap Bar Shrugs 5 sets XXX3 10 reps 60 secs Rest

C1) Face Pulls 5 sets 2121 12 Reps 60 secs Rest

D1) Straight Arm Pulldowns 3 sets 1111 15 Reps 60 secs Rest Perform a triple dropset on last set

E1) KB Rows (Neutral Grip) 3 sets 2121 10 Reps 60 Secs Rest Do both KB at the same time. If you

slightly rotate your wrists into a semi-neutral position and you can get a much better contraction.

F1) Weighted Hyper Exts 3 sets 2010 15 Reps 60 secs Rest

You may be wondering what the four numbers at the end of each exercise are, these are the tempo. The first number refers to the lowering (eccentric) phase of the lift; the second number refers to the amount of time spent at the bottom of the lift; the third number represents the lifting (concentric) phase of the lift – X indicates an explosive lift; the fourth number is how long you hold the weight at the top of the lift.