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Luke Fullbrook is a personal trainer at – Spartan Gym. Avenue 21, Saar, Bahrain.

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about luke

Luke Fullbrook is a personal trainer, strength & conditioning coach and National level strongman based at Spartan Gym in Bahrain.

Luke Fullbrook is becoming a higher quality figure in the fields of body composition alteration and strength and conditioning. He has been in the industry for 5 years, but has taken a keen interest in all things related to improving body composition and strength all his life. Luke is constantly educating himself and furthering his knowledge and thus building a reputation as a results based Personal Trainer or PT.

As a National level, successful, strongman competitor Luke is in the perfect position to help and guide all levels of professional and non-professional athletes with their training and nutrition. Dealing with Powerlifters, Strongmen, and Bodybuilders allows him the ability to offer this high level information to people in the gym who want to lose weight, put on lean muscle tissue and get stronger with outstanding results.

Luke resides and is a personal trainer training many clients from his base at Spartan Gym in Bahrain. His schedule reflects the level of results he obtains. However, if you are willing and serious about change he will do his very best to fit people into his schedule.

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“Another 12 week transformation, again just following one of my nutritional plans and one hour PT a week. Complete body composition change, dropped 10% BF and 12kg whilst getting stronger. Shaun is lifting heavier, looking and feeling better.”


“Tim followed one of my 12 week, tailor made, nutritional plans. He also had one PT session with me a week. Within this short period of time he dropped 7% body fat and 7kg. As you can see the picture shows that you can drop body fat and add lean muscle tissue at the same time.”




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Luke Fullbrook, Personal Trainer, Spartan Gym, Bahrain



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